More About Me

Today's real estate market is filled with obstacles. The market is complex. Buyers and sellers angle for leverage. Mortgage companies create complicated financing structures. Interest rates fluctuate. And the Internet provides a wealth of confusing data.

What's the solution? Ultimately, success comes from relying on professionals who understand how to use all of this information to benefit their clients. Ellen has decades of experience, helping buyers and sellers move forward on the journey from where they are to where they're going. "The secret is having people who know how to advocate for you," Ellen says. "People who will bring you their well-earned expertise. Who will listen to you, understand you, and work with you."

Ellen knows that it's also about understanding the environment, sensing the right time for selling, and doing the work it takes to prepare a house so that it will be positioned appropriately in the marketplace. When she works with buyers, it's about knowing what's available, what a buyer wants and needs-and what they don't. "The truth is," Ellen says, "our job isn't about buying and selling houses. It's more focused and more personal. It's about helping people not just move, but move forward."

"What we bring our clients is the knowledge that there's more that can be done," says Ellen. Real estate is about more than the real estate. What does "more" mean? For sellers, it means having an expertly staged home. And access to contractors you can trust. And insightful market analysis that helps position your house intelligently. And professional photography to show your house in the best light. And strategic marketing that includes accurate floor plans, a full-color brochure about your house, and enhanced web exposure with carefully selected and targeted marketing. And it means creating a sense of urgency, controlling the negotiations for you, and generating successful results. For buyers, "more" means listening and understanding. And visiting houses that fit your price range, your needs, and your wants. And feeling a genuine responsibility to help you find your next home. And when you find it, negotiating from the best possible position. From initial meeting to closing, "more" means Ellen's experience to anticipate and overcome the obstacles associated with selling and buying!